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Saving time, saving lives and saving reputations

Chances are, if you are on this web site, it is because temperature is critical for you.

It may be something that you are controlling and need to monitor. Restaurants, cafes and transport providers fall into this category. For you, it is about checking what is going on and being able to prove it.

For others, temperature may be a variable that impacts on what you do. Scientists investigating environments fall into this category. 

Either way, temperature is critical for you and traditionally you would use a thermometer to measure the temperature.  This however, had a number of issues including:

  • being time consuming
  • relying on unreliable staff
  • interfering with what you wanted to monitor
  • being impossible (how do you measure the temperature of a seal in the wild?)

Back in the late 90’s “Dallas Semiconductors” cast their sights onto this problem. They already had an exceptional product range with their iButtons. iButtons are a range of products that all look the same because they are in the stainless steel case. Their use, however, was very diverse. They included identification tags, memory tags (before the days of USB drives), and security tags. 

Then they launched the first Thermochron, the DS1921G. It transformed the temperature logger market. It was a fraction of the size and a fraction of the price of other loggers. It was robust, it had a huge battery life, and it was reusable.

It also had hopeless software. That’s where we jumped on the Thermochron bandwagon and wrote “eTemperature”. Our goal was to bridge the gap between those who cared about temperature (i.e. you) and the amazing features within the Thermochron.

Our goal was to give you powerful but simple to use software that allowed you to do everything that you wanted, plus a little bit more. We wanted to keep it easy to use.

Since then a number of things have changed. Dallas Semiconductors was bought out by Maxim. There are now a number of different thermochrons covering a wider temperature range and with higher resolutions and more memory. eTemperature has also continued to change with more reporting features and too many Windows releases to keep track of.

Thermochrons are now used around the world to monitor temperature in every situations like fridges and freezers, and they are also being used in some really extreme situations. There are Thermochrons in space now as well as in elephants and sheep. There are Thermochrons that are protecting millions of dollars in medicine. There are Thermochrons that are cooked in pies, and there are Thermochrons that have been worn.

What we would love to know is what your needs are. Are Thermochrons the perfect solution for you? If you are a customer, how have you been using them. In the end, the Thermochron story isn’t about us, it’s about you.

We’re committed to helping you find the best solution for your needs. If you have any questions, our team would be more than happy to give you advice – just get in contact with us

Global stock shortage

The worldwide microchip shortage has impacted Thermochron manufacture.

We are currently out of stock of all Thermochron models and are not expecting consistent supply until 2023. However, we still get occasional small shipments. If you would to be notified about stock levels, please complete this form.