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Do you need to monitor the temperature in a tough environment?

Are you looking for a robust temperature logger that can monitor temperature quickly, easily and is affordable?

Simple, Automated Temperature Logging with Thermochron

Universities and researchers love Thermochrons because of their incredibly small size and robustness. Being the size of a coin they can be placed almost anywhere (and we mean anywhere!) At the same time, their stainless steel construction make them incredibly strong.

Transport companies love Thermochrons because of their small size and robustness. They are almost tougher than a trucker!

Accountants love Thermochrons because of their incredibly long battery life (up to 10 years) and low price.


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What is a Thermochron?

The Thermochron Data Logger is the best way for you to constantly monitor and record environmental temperature (and optionally humidity), without resorting to paper, pen and mercury. Thousands of people around America and the world are using their Thermochron – right now – and they don’t even have to think about it. The Thermochron runs around the clock, recording data so you don’t have to.

This coin-sized device will record the time and temperature at a set interval. This means that you can meet auditing requirements, monitor your cold chain and make sure that goods are kept at the temperature they need to be at.

Features of the Thermochron

Almost indestructible

Stainless steel construction means it can handle rough treatment.

Incredibly small

Size of a coin allowing it to go almost anywhere

Long battery life

Over 500,000 readings or 5 years. This will outlast your computer.


Low cost combined with long battery life.

Wide temperature range

There are models that go all the way down to -30°C, and others up to 140°C.

Many applications

Fridges, freezers, transport, storage, room temperature, dishwashers, incubators and sterilizers.

Ease of use

It’s not rocket science.

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How to use a Thermochron

Step 1

Connect your Thermochron Data Logger to your Windows computer via USB reader. Choose the recording interval, rollover option, and high/low alarm limits.

Step 2

Place your Thermochron in the recording location and let it gather results.

Step 3

Reconnect your Thermochron to your computer, and download the results. With our eTemperature software you can easily generate reports, graphs, and so much more.

Who’s It For?

Thermochron is for any industry where temperature is a critical factor. The main ones are:

  • Catering/Hosptality – for monitoring the temperature of food and exposure to ‘the danger zone’
  • Medical – Thermochrons are a great way to monitor vaccine and drug fridges. They have also been widely used in medical research.
  • Transportation companies – for monitoring the temperature of goods that need to be in a certain temperature zone.

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It’s uses don’t end there

Do you work with animals?

You can use Thermochron to monitor the body temperature of animals, whether that be for research or curative purposes. It's so small in fact, that you can place it inside the animal without causing discomfort.

Are you doing Environmental Modeling?

Thermochron has been used by researchers in collecting climate data to get a representation of the environment which in turn predicts the effects of climate change on the population.

What do I need?

Step 1

Pick the model that suits your needs. If in doubt, feel free to contact us.

Step 2

Include the reader kit and software. This is required to configure the loggers.

Step 3

Optionally buy a holder that will make it easier to handle and hang the Thermochron.

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Which model is right for me?

While each model has the core features (stainless steel case, programmable sample rates, incredibly long battery life etc) but they variations on temperature range, resolution and memory size:

  • DS1922L – Recommended for most people.
  • DS1921G – The low budget option where 0.5°C resolution and 1°C accuracy is acceptable.
  • DS1922T – For applications between 60°C and 110°C.
  • DS1922E – For applications between 110°C and 140° (e.g. sterilization)
  • DS1923 – Humidity logging is also required

How do I get one?

You can view our entire range of Thermochrons, software and accessories on our product page

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