Cold Chain Monitoring is essential to ensure your temperature-controlled supply chain remains within its accepted temperature range. Proper monitoring is especially critical for pharmaceutical transport, fresh food transport and chemical transportation. How do you validate the quality of your cold chain, and ensure your goods are always within their acceptable range? Even if your shipping company promises end-to-end conformance, that might not necessarily be true.

We have heard many stories over the years of people with issues in their cold chain – goods would arrive ruined, despite the guarantees that the correct temperature was being maintained.

The solution is to look into a temperature data logger. These small, battery-powered devices can be enclosed with your shipment, and the results analysed at the other end. Using computer a computer, you can see a graph of the temperature at every stage in its journey. This makes cold chain validation incredibly easy, and can play an important role in your quality assurance process.

One customer of ours told us how their shipments to Japan were being ruined. When they put a logger in their shipping container, they discovered the source of the issue and were able to contain it very easily. They instantly saved thousands of dollars of ruined products, and more importantly, saved their reputation. A small investment gave them a huge return.

We suggest you take a look at the Thermocron range of Temperature Loggers. These devices are as small as a coin and can save you from many thousands of dollars of destroyed stock. There are also options for temperature and humidity models.

Find problems before they become a problems. Save money. Save your reputation. Find out more