How long will a vaccine fridge remain below 8° during a blackout?

The critical temperatures 2°C and 8°C are the official limits that a vaccine must be stored between. Of the two temperatures, the lower one is the more critical. At 0°C certain vaccines freeze and become useless. This is important to keep in mind when dealing with the issue. The higher temperature is less rigid because […]

RPA Vaccine Fridge Should Not Have Failed

RPA is now asking hundreds of mothers with new born babies to contact them because a vaccine fridge may have been failing.This strikes me as an amazing problem for a major hospital. For more information see the full article from the SMH Low cost temperature loggers have now been available since I started this business […]

eTemperature reporting options

Getting the mix right with reporting It is common practice to print a report of results  for future reference. Traditionally there were two extremes – a detailed report that could go on for 30 pages, or a daily/min max report that summarised it all to 30 lines. A better option for many users is the […]

eTemperature Version 8.28 Released

eTemperature 8.28 eTemperature version 8.28 has just been uploaded. This is a minor bug fix release which fixes an “overflow error” found with TCU thermocron temperature loggers where the last reading was below 15°C, eTemperature 8.27 eTemperature version 8.27 had some nice user features added included being able to sort the most recent list of […]


Sample rate This is how often the logger will record the temperature. For transport and storage applications a sample rate of between 1 and 30 minutes is typically required. When processing items sample rates down to 1 per second could be required. If the sample rate is set too slow then it could possibly miss […]

Temperature Loggers versus Thermometers

Thermometers simply display the current temperature. Many people will already be using thermometers within their business. However, they have some significant limitations. Just because the temperature is alright right now (as shown on the thermometer) does not mean that it was always right. A min/max thermometer partially fixes this issue by telling you if it […]

Temperature Monitoring

This is the first blog in a series that will discuss various aspects of temperature monitoring, with a focus on temperature loggers. Much of what is discussed can also be applied to thermometers. One of these blogs will actually discuss the differences between thermometers and temperature loggers. Money, reputation and lives There are some things […]