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eTemperature License Only

Setup and retrieve results from your Thermochron temperature loggers.

$49.00 USD

Use eTemperature to setup and retrieve results from your Thermochron temperature loggers. eTemperature is the simple and powerful way to record and monitor temperature.

To setup Thermochrons and retrieve their results, at least one “reader” and copy of eTemperature is required. This is for the eTemperature license only and does NOT include the reader. This assumes that you already have the reader.

The software can be freely installed onto multiple PCs with the license being for the use of the reader. No license is required for displaying previously saved results.

Looking for eTemperature and a Thermochron reader? The eTemperature Kit is the product for you.

This is the license only version for anyone who has the reader and wants to upgrade to a better program.

Note: Thermochrons are sold separately.

For more information about eTemperature, please visit the official eTemperature website.

Global stock shortage

The worldwide microchip shortage has impacted Thermochron manufacture.

We are currently out of stock of all Thermochron models and are not expecting consistent supply until 2023. However, we still get occasional small shipments. If you would to be notified about stock levels, please complete this form.