If temperature and humidity are important to your industry, you’ve probably spent a lot of money on an advanced air conditioning system to maintain your environment at its correct levels.

But can you trust it? What if it develops a fault, or someone changes a setting?

DS1923 Hygrochrons provide a simple, reliable and inexpensive way of making sure your environment is where it should be.

DS1923 Hygrochron temperature and humidity loggers

Server Rooms

Correct temperature and humidity levels are critically important in server rooms. High temperatures can cause timing errors and eventual crashes, resulting in damage to components and data loss. Low humidity poses a risk of static electricity build-up and damage to circuitry, while high humidity can lead to moisture building up in and around components and causing electrical shorts.

A recent Cisco white paper recommends that temperatures are kept between 18°C and 80°C, while relative humidity should be between 40% and 60%.

Using DS1923 Hygrochrons in your server rooms will allow you to monitor temperature and humidity levels and assist you in maintaining the right balance.

DS1923 Hygrochron temperature and humidity loggers


Humidity is an important factor in hundreds of manufacturing industries.

Paper and textiles, in particular, can suffer hugely adverse effects from high humidity, but other industries are just as vulnerable. Spray painters know that high humidity will prevent proper adherence of paint. Production lines, warehouses and other processes with moving people and machinery can suffer from static electricity build-up and discharge if the relative humidity is too low.

For just a few hundred dollars, a set of DS1923 Hygrochrons can provide regular monitoring of your HVAC system and help you catch problems before they disasters.

DS1923 Hygrochron temperature and humidity loggers

Food Production

Food manufacturers know the importance of maintaining foods at the correct temperatures to prevent microbial growth, but sometimes neglect the effects that humidity can have on their products. Too much moisture in the air can alter recipes, resulting in decreased shelf-life and poor appearance of the food.

It can also result in moisture beading on surfaces (including hidden surfaces), which provides an environment for bacteria.

DS1923 Hygrochrons can alert you to abnormal fluctuations in temperature and humidity, allowing you to maintain consistency in your foods.