DS1921G Thermochron

Great value entry-level temperature logger

Ideal for applications that require multiple loggers – research, transport, room temperature monitoring, etc

Model: DS1921G
Temperature Range: -22°F to 185°F
(-30°C to 85°C)
Resolution: 0.9°F (0.5°C)
Memory: 2,000 readings

$65.00 USD

Best value entry-level temperature logger

The DS1921G is one of the cheapest temperature loggers on the market, making it ideal for applications that require multiple loggers – especially with our bulk order discounts.

It has a lower resolution than the DS1922L (0.9°F as opposed to 0.1125°F) and a significantly smaller memory (2,000 reading vs 8,000), however, for many users, these minor limitations are more than made up for by its tiny price tag.

There are hundreds of uses for these versatile devices, including:

Environmental Data

We see the DS1921G being used by environmental scientists, botanists, wine growers and farmers to provide valuable data about outdoor temperatures. Their stainless steel bodies are virtually weatherproof. If excessive moisture is likely, a waterproof capsule is available, although a plastic bag will often do the job.


The low cost of the DS1921G makes it ideal for shippers who want to track the temperature of their goods. Even with the smaller memory, you can, for instance, record a temperature every 10 minutes for nearly a fortnight, or every half hour for over a month. The device can be configured to capture data until its memory is full and then stop recording so it doesn’t overwrite the data before you retrieve it.

Air Conditioning Installations

The budget price of the DS1921G means you can discreetly deploy multiple loggers across an office, mall, factory, or other large space. Temperature data can be used to balance air flows or allay customers concerns.

Animal Research

The small size of the Thermochron means they cause minimal disruption to animal behavior. The button-sized stainless steel devices can even be inserted into animals if needed.

Thermochron for cold chain monitoring
Shipping a Thermochron along with your high risk foods can provide valuable insight into your cold chain. The DS1921G measures temperatures as low as -22°F.
Need a lot of Thermochrons for your research project? The budget price of the DS1921G makes it the best choice.

DS1921G vs DS1922L. What's the difference?

The DS1922G is our budget-priced, entry-level temperature logger. The DS1922L is the next step up – and it’s twice the price. So do you need it?


The important difference between the two is the level of precision in the readings, what we call the “resolution”.

The resolution of the budget DS1921G is 0.9°F (0.5°C). There are many situations where this is just not precise enough. When storing vaccines, for instance, a nearly whole degree variation could be crucial in determining whether the product is likely to still be OK.

The resolution of the next model up, the DS1922L, is as low as 0.1125°F (0.0625°C).


The other difference between the two models is the amount of memory available to store readings. The DS1921G can hold 2,048 readings while its big brother can hold either 4,000 or 8,000 readings, depending on resolution.

Again, for many people, 2,000 readings is plenty – it’s one every five minutes for a week.

However, if you are a research scientist who wants to measure climate variations, for instance, the more expensive DS1922L will store more than 20 readings a day for a whole year.

Do you have a data reader?

In order to read data from your Thermochrons, you will need a data reader.

The reader comes with our eTemperature, recognized as the most comprehensive and easy-to-use Thermochron software available.

eTemperature makes it easy to configure your Thermochrons. You can set the resolution, sample interval and rollover.

To download your data, you can leave the Thermochron in the fob or holder and just press the button into the reader. Your eTemperature software will then download the data ready to display as a graph or spreadsheet.

Thermochron reader
The Thermochron data reader plugs directly into the USB port on your PC

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