DS1922L Thermochron

Recommended for most uses

Our most popular logger. Small, tough and incredibly versatile. Great for food safety, research (laboratory or field), vaccines safety, transport and much more.

Temperature: -22°F to 185°F (-30°C to 85°C)

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Our most popular Thermochron

The DS1922L Thermochron is a step-up from our budget model, the DS1921G.

Compared to the budget model, it has greater resolution (precision) and more memory. Combined with its wide temperature range, these features make it ideal for almost every temperature logging application.

Refrigerators and Freezers

We have many customers who use the DS1922L for monitoring temperatures in refrigerators, cool rooms and freezers to provide important data about food and medicine safety.

Environmental Research

The almost indestructible case of the Thermochrons makes them outstanding for researching outdoor environments. They are water resistant or can be placed in a waterproof case if full immersion is possible.

HVAC Balancing

The low cost of the DS1922L makes it ideal where multiple temperature samples are needed. Air conditioning installations are a great example. A Thermochron can be placed at each workstation and in every office to balance temperatures.

Cold Chain Monitoring

Need to monitor your goods in transit? Thermochrons can be discreetly placed in shipments to track conditions from when goods leave you to when they arrive.

Biological Research

Thermochrons are used extensively in animal research. Their small size means they can be attached to or even inserted into animals with minimal disruption to behaviour.

Botanist using Hygrochrons
Thermochrons are ideal for outdoor research
HVAC engineers use Thermochron loggers to monitor systems for hot and cold spots
Thermochron for food safety
Forget manual temperature measurements in your refrigerators and freezers.
Thermochron for vaccine safety
Vaccines that get too hot or too cold can be ruined
Thermochron for cold chain monitoring
Track temperatures across your transport network to ensure food safety

Do you have a data reader?

In order to read data from your Thermochrons, you will need a data reader.

The reader comes with our eTemperature, recognized as the most comprehensive and easy-to-use Thermochron software available.

eTemperature makes it easy to configure your Thermochrons. You can set the resolution, sample interval and rollover.

To download your data, you can leave the Thermochron in the fob or holder and just press the button into the reader. Your eTemperature software will then download the data ready to display as a graph or spreadsheet.

Thermochron reader
The Thermochron data reader plugs directly into the USB port on your PC

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Additional information


-22°F to 185°F (-30°C to 85°C)


0.9°F to 0.1125°F (0.5°C or 0.0625°)


8,000 or 4,000


This unit is generic logger with more memory and the option for higher resolution. Strongly recommended for where small changes in temperature must be monitored.