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DS1922T Thermochron

Go beyond boiling point

If your measurements are in the range of 140°F to 250°F, this is the logger for you. Place it directly in your test environment. No probe.

Temperature: 32°F to 257°F

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Things are heating up

This temperature logger breaks the 212°F (boiling point of water) barrier and is able to log temperatures up to 257°C. If your measurements are in the 140°F to 250°F range, you will find this logger more accurate that the DS1922L.

No Probe

No need to drill a hole in your test environment for a probe, these tough little loggers will happily sit in right inside.

It is now possible to monitor what is happening inside the sterilizing unit, incubator, dishwasher and other hot environments.

The DS1922T Thermochrons are stainless steel and water resistant, but if you need to immerse them completely, we recommend purchasing waterproof capsules.

Is your commercial dishwasher washing at high enough temperatures to kill bacteria?
Thermochron for sterilizers
The DS1922T is capable of measuring up to 257°F
Thermochron for hot food display
Monitor temperatures in hot food displays to ensure food safety

Do you have a data reader?

In order to read data from your Thermochrons, you will need a data reader.

The reader comes with our eTemperature, recognized as the most comprehensive and easy-to-use Thermochron software available.

eTemperature makes it easy to configure your Thermochrons. You can set the resolution, sample interval and rollover.

To download your data, you can leave the Thermochron in the fob or holder and just press the button into the reader. Your eTemperature software will then download the data ready to display as a graph or spreadsheet.

Thermochron reader
The Thermochron data reader plugs directly into the USB port on your PC

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Additional information

Range 32°F to 257°F (0°C to 125°C)
Resolution 0.9°F to 0.1125°F (0.5°C or 0.0625°)
Samples 8,000 or 4,000
Applications This was our first model to break the 212°F (100°C) barrier and is ideal for monitoring temperature above 140°F (60°C). This includes incubators, heating, washing and some sterilization processes.
Data Sheet Download PDF