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Are you looking for a reliable temperature logging system?

Thermochrons are button-sized, stainless steel devices that can be placed directly into your testing environment without the need for external probes. For nearly two decades, the Thermochron system has been the standard in temperature logging.

It is refined, reliable, easy-to-use, and trusted by users all around the world.

eTemperature – the best Thermochron software

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eTemperature is a mature, easy-to-use software package, developed from the ground up by our Thermochron experts.

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Thermachron temperature loggers

Choose your Thermochron

There are five Thermochrons in the range. They look almost identical, but each has a particular specialty.



Model: DS1921G

Are you on a tight budget but need most of the benefits of a Thermochron? Low resolution and small memory. Ask about our incredible volume discounts.



Model: DS1922L

Recommended for most users. Great for pharmaceutical and vaccine storage, food safety, scientific research and transport. Expanded memory and high resolution.



Model: DS1923

Logs temperature AND relative humidity. Great for HVAC, server rooms, manufacturing, food production, printing, and spray-painting.



Model: DS1922T

Great for incubators, dishwashers, cooking and hot food display.



Model: DS1922E

For extreme temperatures (e.g. sterilizers). No need for a probe. Just place directly in the unit.



Reader & Software

Plugs directly into your computer for easy data downloads. The accompanying eTemperature software is very easy to use.

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There’s a Thermochron for every need


The rugged, weather-resistant, stainless steel Thermochrons are ideal for tough research environments.

Botanist using Hygrochrons
Thermochron for food safety


Place in refrigerators and freezers to ensure food is safely stored

Thermochron for cold chain monitoring


Ship with temperature sensitive goods to monitor your cold chain

Thermochron for vaccine safety


Log temperatures in vaccine and pharmaceutical refrigerators

Thermochron for research and testing


Place directly in incubators to monitor temperature variables

Thermochron for sterilizers


Log your autoclave sterilizer temperatures for safety and audits

Thermochron for hot food display


Monitor hot food displays and salad bars for food safety


All companies will have different requirements, but these are our standard recommendations for industries.

how thermochrons work

Unlike other temperature loggers on the market, you do not need an external probe with Thermochrons – the button-sized loggers are tough enough to handle just about any environment. This means you do not have to drill holes in your refrigerator or cold storage, just place the Thermochron directly where you want the temperature monitored. There are even cases that allow Thermochrons to be used underwater.

At regular intervals, simply retrieve the Thermochron and place it in the special data reader. The eTemperature software supplied with the reader downloads the temperature data from the Thermochron and presents it as both a spreadsheet of the logged times and temperatures, and a graph. The graph makes it easy to spot abnormal temperature spikes.

Thermochron reader
The Thermochron reader connects directly to the USB port of your computer


Thermochron Accessories

Thermochron Fob

Handle and hang your Thermochron with ease.


Thermochron Card Fob

Thermochron Accessories

Thermochron Card Fob

Hold and label your Thermochrons with the credit-card sized plastic Card Fob.


Thermochron Accessories

Thermochron Clear Fob

Identify and easily handle your Thermochrons with a handy fob.


Thermochron Accessories

DS9107+ Thermochron Waterproof Capsule

Protect your Thermochron logger from moisture, solvents and pressure.